ChemS 326 Biocatalysis

Biocatalysis has become an integral part of modern industry technology enabling rapid developments in pharmacology, medicine, nutrition, analytics, environmental technology, fine chemical synthesis biofuel production and related areas. Starting out from basic food-processing fermentations e.g. related to bread baking or cheese making, today the results emerging from this discipline influence all areas of our daily life.Enzymes as nature's catalysts set the benchmarks for artificial systems in terms of activity and selectivity. Correspondingly, biocatalysis is regarded a key-competence in biotechnology and chemical industry. The course"Biocatalysis" provides students with a detailed understanding of fundamental aspects of the area, while it focuses on current applications of biocatalytic systems. It is designed for P.h.D students in chemistry, biochemistry and biotechnology, yet interested students on the M.Sc. level are welcome.