Bioscience (B)

Aims and Scope

The Bioscience (B) program plays a key role in tackling many of the global challenges being addressed by KAUST, with a general emphasis on ‘adaptive biology’, i.e. the study of the mechanisms that allow organisms to adapt to their environment. Understanding and engineering these complex mechanisms is critical in areas such as global food security or health care, and requires combining in-depth knowledge with advanced methodology and out-of-the-box thinking.

To prepare students to be innovative contributors to life sciences, the Bioscience program comprises courses in cell and molecular biology, biophysics and computer science. Moreover, it interfaces smoothly with bioengineering as well as plant and marine sciences, and allows the choice of electives across all divisions.

The program is comprised of two tracks of self-contained courses consisting of lectures, seminars and laboratory classes. Each course provides an in-depth review of the subject and examples of current research in the field. In addition, the Bioscience program provides substantial and versatile hands-on research experience.

Program Contacts

Satoshi Habuchi, Program Chair
Ameen Ghawanmeh, Graduate Program Coordinator
Burgundy Powell, Graduate Program Coordinator & Recruitment & Evaluation Specialist

More information can be found at the Bioscience website here