AMCS 101 Engineering Mathematics

Coordinates, Lines, Circles, Functions and their graphs, Polynomials, trigonometric functions, limits, derivatives, numerical approximation of derivatives, indefinite integrals, the definite integral, the fundamental theorem of calculus, applications of the integral: areas, volumes, numerical integration, transcendental functions, techniques of integration: integration by parts; partial fraction decomposition, substitutions, differential equations of first order, separable equations, numerical integration of differential equations, Euler method, solution of linear differential equations of second order with constant coefficients, Infinite sequences and series, geometric series, convergence tests for series, power series and radius of convergence, Taylor series, approximation of functions by polynomials, exponential, cosine and sine expansions, error bounds. The plane and three-dimensional space, vectors, parametric equations for curves, lines, planes, dot and cross product, functions of several variables, partial derivatives, tangent planes and normals, linear approximation, gradient and the differential.