Applied Physics (AP)

Aims and Scope

Faculty and students in the Applied Physics (AP) program at KAUST engage in interdisciplinary research at the interface between fundamental physical concepts and cutting-edge technologies. They strive for exploiting basic physical phenomena at the meso- and nanoscale to design innovative solutions in several applied physics specialties, such as optics and photonics, semiconductor devices, quantum electronics, and novel materials for energy applications.

The AP program for both M.Sc. and Ph.D. students aims at providing firm knowledge on basic science to apprehend the physics taking place at the meso- and nanoscale, and tools to apply this knowledge to nurture technological and scientific breakthroughs in applied physics. The program focuses on device physics, photonics, and quantum electronics. Students in this program receive broad training in basic scientific concepts in condensed matter physics, quantum mechanics, electrodynamics, and statistical physics. Students participate in scientific research activities that may include laboratory studies and computational modeling. Ph.D. candidates focus on original research driven to advance the boundaries of knowledge. Employability of AP graduates ranges from academic research institutions to R&D positions in high-tech industrial or entrepreneurial environments.

Program Contacts

Udo Schwingenschloegl, Program Chair
Mazen Mero, Graduate Student Advisor