Chemical Science (ChemS)

Aims and Scope

The KAUST Chemical Sciences (ChemS) program was established in 2010 to provide a modern, research-oriented education in chemistry. It is one of the top internationally ranked programs at KAUST. Leveraging the outstanding facilities at KAUST, the program distinguishes itself by a clear focus and strong emphasis on current research challenges related to catalysis and materials.

Within these two main interdisciplinary research thrusts, the following distinct research orientations are currently addressed:

Materials Catalysis
Micro- and mesoporous materials Hetero- and homogeneous catalysis
Metal-organic material Biocatalysis
Polymeric and Supramolecular material Photo- and electro catalysis
Computation and modeling Computation and modeling

Program Contacts

Niveen Khashab, Program Chair
Linda Sapolu, Graduate Student Advisor