English Language and Communication Program (ELCP)

The English Language and Communication Program (ELCP) provides courses, workshops and guidance throughout the year to support graduate students with the effective communication of their science and research.

Instructors in the ELCP teach the following mandatory courses:

Advanced English Language Communication (AELC)- ENG 100

The AELC course is designed for all students with language test entry-scores in the high intermediate range, but who require advanced-level English language skills in order to succeed within a graduate education program. It also serves as a core course on the PGDip Program.

This semester-long course requires 3 classes of instruction per week. All aspects of English development language will be covered, with an emphasis on improving students’ ability to effectively communicate their scientific work and research in written and spoken form. Course instruction incorporates meaningful and relevant subject-area language, topics and themes.

Critical Writing, Discussion and Debate- ENG 101

This course aims to develop students’ English language and communication skills to a sophisticated level to enable individuals to interact effectively and thrive in academic study and wider professional contexts. It serves as a core course on PGDip Program.

This semester-long course requires 3 classes of instruction per week. It aims to build and expand upon these language and communication skills in relevant areas from scientific research writing through to critical discussion, debate and presentations.

Other Services

In addition to the mandatory courses, the ELCP instructors run various short-courses which include instruction on topics such as Scientific Research Writing, Critical Thinking, Reading and Writing, and Speaking and Pronunciation. Workshops are also run on topics such as, How to Write a Research Proposal, Presenting your Scientific Research, Scientific Discussion and Debate, 3-minute Thesis, and Academic Integrity-Avoiding Plagiarism.

In addition to group courses and workshops, the ELCP instructors provide one-to-one sessions to support students with writing and presentation skills as well as offering a designated Scientific Writing Coaching and Editing service.

Please contact the team for further information on the support you can receive: elcp@kaust.edu.sa

A full range of courses, workshops and services offered are listed on the ELCP website.