ECE 271B Non Linear Control Systems

First and Second Terms. (Same as ME 221A and ME 221B) Linear Algebra (AMCS 151), Differential Equations (AMCS 131), Signals and Systems (ECE 151 & ECE 152). Content: Core material in linear systems and optimal control. Topics in 271A: review of vector spaces, systems of linear equations, internal stability, controllability, observability, Lyapunov equations, input-output stability, linear matrix inequalities, stabilization, and state observers. Topics in 271B: The aim of this course is to introduce the student to the area of nonlinear control systems with a focus on systems' analysis and control design. Nonlinear phenomena including multiple equilibria, limit cycles and bifurcations will be presented. Lyaponuv and input/output stability will be discussed. Examples of control design will be studied such as feedback linearization and sliding mode control.



Cross Listed Courses

ME 221B