ECE 272B Mechatronics and Intelligent Systems II

(Same as ME 222B) Principles, modeling, interfacing and signal conditioning of motion sensors and actuators; acquire and analyze data and interact with operators. Basic electronic devices, embedded microprocessor systems and control, power transfer components and mechanism design. Hardware-in-the-loop simulation and rapid prototyping of real-time closed-loop computer control of electromechanical systems; modeling, analysis and identification of discrete-time or samples-data dynamic systems; commonly used digital controller design methods; introduction to nonlinear effects and their compensation in mechatronic systems; robotic manipulation and sensing; obstacle avoidance and motion planning algorithms; mobile robots, use of vision in navigation systems. The lectures will be divided between a review of the appropriate analytical techniques and a survey of the current research literature. Course work will focus on an independent research project chosen by the student.



Cross Listed Courses

ECE 272B and ME 222B