IED 230 Agile Product Development & Corp. Innov.

Through a mentor-led experiential program, this course will enable students to learn-bydoing leading to the development a fully functioning MVP (Minimally Viable Product). Students will learn the following key aspects of Product Development: Identifying a real problem: empathy with users, interview techniques, distinguishing between a “want” and a “real need”. Designing a product that will solve a real problem: Architecture, system design, building submodules, unit test, system integration, system test, testing “fit for use”, productize, manufacture. Project planning, managing & tracking: Learn about Gantt charts, Scrum, Kanban, Scrumban etc. and select the right tool for the project Roles & responsibilities in a product development organization: Product Owner, Developers, SQA (Testers), Manufacturing, QC, Documentation, Customer Support Integrating continuous feedback from different constituencies: prospective users, mentors, teaching team, classmates etc. Iterative development mindset: Leverage lean development techniques to “fail fast” and “fail frequently” to deliver fit-for-use products faster. Skills: Develop a number of ‘soft’ skills such as leadership, team development, conflict resolution, stakeholder management, and project management.