Earth Science and Engineering (ErSE)

In the Earth Science and Engineering (ErSE) program at KAUST, Faculty, and their students engage in interdisciplinary research to understand and model geophysical and geological processes in our planet's complex and changing nature. The ErSE curriculum provides graduate-level education in earth sciences and their applications in four distinct specializations represented by four tracks:

  • Geophysical Fluids and Climate System Science
  • Geophysics
  • Geology
  • Machine Learning in Geosciences

The program is rich with opportunities for  MS and PhD students, focusing on modern computational and advanced data analysis and laboratory and field methods to study geoscience problems. Depending on the chosen track, students in this program receive broad training in numerical methods, mathematical modeling, geophysics and/or geology. MS students can participate in scientific research activities, including computational and mathematical modeling or field- and lab study projects (MS with Thesis). PhD candidates in the program conduct original research publishable in high-ranking international peer-reviewed journals.

Program Chair

Sigurjon Jonsson- 

Graduate Program Coordinator

Karema Alaseef-


Earth Science and Engineering Degrees