Energy Resources and Petroleum Engineering (ERPE)

Research and education, as well as their transformative potential, are central to KAUST's mission. KAUST educates scientific and technological leaders, catalyzes the diversification of the Saudi Arabian economy, and addresses challenges of regional and global significance, thereby serving the Kingdom, the region, and the world. Through the synergy of science and technology, focusing on innovation and enterprise, KAUST is a catalyst for transforming people's lives. 

Faculty and students in the Energy Resources and Petroleum Engineering (ERPE) program at KAUST engage in interdisciplinary research to understand and model hydro-chemo-thermo-mechanical coupled processes in the subsurface, with emphasis on multiphase and reactive fluid flow (oil, gas, brine, water, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen). 

The Energy Resources and Petroleum Engineering program for MS and PhD students focuses on modern reservoir description, geology, engineering, and management. Students in this program receive broad training in advanced scientific concepts and thermodynamics, geology, geophysical characterization, and reservoir engineering. Students participate in scientific research activities, including mathematical analyses, geological and computational modeling, machine learning, and laboratory/field studies. PhD candidates focus on original research-driven to advance the boundaries of knowledge, including challenging topics in energy and environment, such as enhanced oil recovery (EOR), geothermal, and carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS).

Program Chair

Hussein Hoteit-

Graduate Program Coordinator (GPC)

Karema Alaseef-

Energy Resources and Petroleum Engineering Degrees