Academic Standing

Note: This policy was updated in August 2023. Refer to the updated Academic Standing Policy for the current policy regarding U grade cumulative assessment. Updated rules on academic probation are now located in the Academic Sanction Policy.

Academic standing is based on a cumulative performance assessment of the grade point average (GPA) and U grades including credit, non-credit, and ESL courses. Students who fail the qualifying examination(s), the proposal defense, and/or the thesis/dissertation final defense may be subject to academic sanction at the recommendation of the program. The division at any time may recommend to the Office of the Registrar to place students on academic sanction based on unsatisfactory research performance. Division recommendations for academic probation or dismissal must be approved by the dean.

Students are assessed each semester/session as per the criteria below:

GPA Cumulative Assessment

3.00 – 4.00 – Good Standing

2.33 – 2.99 – Academic Probation

Below 2.33 – Academic Dismissal

U Grade Cumulative Assessment 

*includes 100 level courses, ESL, graduate seminars, directed research, and lab rotations.

Three U grades – Academic Dismissal

Research Assessment

Satisfactory performance – Good Standing

Unsatisfactory performance as determined by the division – Academic Sanction

Appeal Process for Dismissal

Students who are eligible to appeal must submit a written explanation why the dismissal should be rescinded along with any supporting documentation. The Academic Performance Committee will hear the appeal and make a decision to grant or deny the appeal based on the appeal and documentation, past performance and the likelihood that students are capable of successfully completing their academic program. If the appeal is denied, students will be required to leave the University. The decision of the committee is final and no additional appeals are permitted. Once students have been notified that the appeal has been unsuccessful, the appeal process is at an end and an exit advisor will be in contact with them to explain the exiting process. Students who are dismissed will have up to one week after being notified to complete the exit process.