Traveling Scholar

Traveling scholar opportunities are used for students studying at external institutions or organizations offering course work or facilities related to KAUST research interests. Traveling scholar is generally limited to one semester/session.

To be eligible as a traveling scholar, students must be in good academic standing and must have successfully completed at least one semester/session at KAUST. Division specific requirements may also apply. Applications for traveling scholar may be denied if it is determined that degree completion will be delayed by traveling. Traveling scholars are also expected to maintain full-time KAUST registration and satisfactory progress toward their degree while completing the requirements of their approved traveling scholar arrangement.

Students applying as a traveling scholar need to complete the application for traveling scholar with a full description of the course or research to be completed, why it is necessary to work off campus, and the expected outcomes. The KAUST academic advisor must provide support for the need to work off campus, explain how work will be evaluated, and approve the application. The external institution must confirm attendance and students must provide periodic progress reports to their KAUST academic advisors. Final approval is made by the dean. Students are expected to apply for traveling scholar and obtain approval 30 days before they leave the University.

Students and advisors will be responsible for funding for travel, housing, and any miscellaneous expenses. For information on travel and possible reimbursements, see the Academic Travel Guidelines and Procedure at If the travel is more than 90 days, students will be required to surrender housing and must contact Graduate Affairs Operations at Upon returning to KAUST, students must contact Graduate Affairs Operations at 30 days before their approved entry so new housing can be assigned. As with student leave, students are responsible for ensuring their passport, iqama, or relevant visas will not expire during any period they may be out of the country.

For students interested in work experience opportunities, information on internships can be obtained through GPCs and/or graduate affairs. More information is available under Internships.