B 201 Biophysics

This course is destined to provide biologists with the principals of biophysics and biophysical methods, in particular concerning theoretical bases and their usage in modern molecular biology (e. g. Structural and Molecular Biology) along with other biophysical techniques that are used for the characterization of macromolecules and their functioning in the state-of-the-art laboratories. Thus the course aims at allowing biology students to understand advanced structural biology and biophysical methods well enough to critically evaluate research in these areas, plan own experiments, and fully profit from available resources (for example the PDB, BMRB and other data bases and professional servers). For students in the field of bioscience, this course should also provide a solid basis for their own experimental research. The main focus of the course is to expose students to study about fundamental and advanced molecular biophysics topics and allow them to present the topics in a form of seminar. Each student will prepare and present from two to three seminars per semester for the topics predefined with the Instructors week before. The seminars will be evaluated after each presentation. This will give students a great chance to practice the soft skills and presentation of fundamental as well advanced topics.