MSE 325 Fundamentals of Carbon Science and Engineering

Recommended Prerequisite: MSE 201 or MSE 318.

The Fundamentals of Carbon Science and Engineering course has been designed and developed to assist interested members of the KAUST academic community to understand the breadth of different types of Carbon Materials and their applications.

The content of the course is at the Intermediate / Advanced MSE level as it assumes the student already knows concepts that are fundamental to MSE. These include notions of crystallography, characterization methods, electronic properties, composites, nanomaterials, etc.

The topics studied are key to the field and the subject is approached from multiple angles, from the state-of-the-art research reports to the present and past tendencies of global markets. Furthermore, an historical scientific perspective is given by looking at seminal papers dating back to the early 20th century.

Depending on availability, Guest Lecturers will present first-hand testimonies of forefront research or provide industrial updates.

The course is Lecture-based meaning there will be no lab work. At most, and if time permits, a field trip or a lab demonstration may take place.




MSE 221