AP 331 Advanced Nanoelectronics

In this course, the students will learn different methodologies and strategies that will allow them to obtain valuable and unique information about physical, chemical, thermal and mechanical behaviors that have deep impact in the electronic properties of nanomaterials and nanoelectronic devices. This type of information is not accessible with standard methods, and acquiring it requires operating equipment in special modes, the connection of additional hardware to the standard equipment, and/or the combination of different techniques. The course will focus on the understanding of different phenomena by trying to collect chemical and/or mechanical information simultaneously. The goal is to understand which physical and chemical phenomena Page 81 of 121 and/or atomic rearrangements into the materials give rise to the nanoelectronic behaviors observed. The course will concentrate on the use of multiple modes of scanning probe microscopy (SPM), with special emphasis on CAFM and SThM, and it will also discuss its combination with other techniques, including TEM, SEM, EDS, EELS, piezo-actuators. The course will additionally deal with how to characterize the ultimate limit in nanoelectronics: individual atoms and molecules. We will focus on the analysis (including manipulation) of single nanostructures via high-resolution scanning probe techniques.



Cross Listed Courses

MSE 331