CE 201 Chemical Thermodynamics

Prerequisites: Undergraduate thermodynamics course. The primary goal of chemical thermodynamics is the physical explanation of the fundamental principles governing the variety of chemical phenomena taking place in the world around us. The goal of this course is to give students a conceptual understanding of the main principles of thermodynamics. Topics include: the concept of entropy; the Clausius, Gibbs, Boltzmann and Shannon definition of entropy; entropy and information; Maxwells demon; the Boltzmann distribution law; the Maxwell-Boltzmann speed distribution; Gibbs and Helmholtz free energy; the chemical potential; Gibbs-Duhem and Euler equation; the Gibbs phase rule; entropy of mixing and Gibbs paradox; phase diagrams, the Flory-Huggins phase diagram; spontaneous and non-spontaneous processes; thermodynamics of chemical reactions; thermodynamics of osmosis and reverse osmosis, entropy and irreversible phase transitions; introduction in thermodynamics of irreversible processes; introduction in statistical thermodynamics.