ERPE 250 Reservoir Engineering Fundamentals and Applications

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of multiphase flow in porous media, thermodynamics, and MATLAB programming. Basic concepts: hydrocarbon PVT/thermodynamics, material balance, uncertainty analysis, drive mechanisms, vertical equilibrium, capillarity and J-functions. Primary depletion: recovery mechanism and performance evaluation. Secondary depletion: displacement efficiency, Buckley-Leverett theory, mobility ratio, sweep efficiency, well placement, water flood evaluation and tracer concept. Reservoir simulation: governing equations, linear/nonlinear solvers, IMPES/FI/AIM formulations, well model/control, numerical error, history-match concept and prediction uncertainties. Enhanced oil recovery (EOR): hydrocarbon trapping mechanisms, concepts of miscible/immiscible gas flood, chemical EOR, thermal EOR and EOR screening. Field management: workflow, economics, decision analysis. Reservoir Simulation project. Course programming assignments will use MATLAB and Excel-VBA. Reservoir simulations will use CMG and/or Eclipse.