ErSE 223 Geological Systems of Arabia

This course uses the Arabian plate to illustrate major geological processes. The following are the main topics: Crustal structure of the Arabian Peninsula and the Red Sea. Terrane accretion of the continental basement. - Base and precious metal mineralization. Phanerozoic stratigraphy and hydrocarbon habitat. Collisional tectonics along the Oman and Zagros mountain belts. Tectonic evolution of the Red Sea from a continental rift to an ocean basin. Cenozoic stratigraphy, structure, and hydrocarbon habitat of the Red Sea. Salt tectonics and reef development in the Red Sea. Cenozoic magmatism. Transform tectonics along the Dead Sea fault. Geological CO2 sequestration. Quaternary climate and development of Arabian deserts.




ERPE 221 Geoscience fundamentals or equivalent. Exceptions require instructor approval.