ErSE 323 Igneous Geochemistry

This igneous geochemistry course will teach how to use techniques in geochemistry on a more advanced level to study magmatic processes such as melting & magma chamber processes, volcanic eruptions and hydrothermal circulation in various tectonic settings on Earth. This course consists of several theoretical lectures, but is mostly a hands-on course in which students will work with their own and/or literature geochemical data in various exercises.

In more detail:

A) Lectures on different geochemical data, including major and trace elements, radiogenic isotopes, stable isotopes, noble gasses, dating techniques and mineral chemistry, as well as on analytical techniques, data processing, online data repositories and magmatic modelling software.

B) Exercise on critical reading of geochemical publications, including a short presentation.

C) Exercise on the processing of raw geochemical data: the correction and visualisation of data, including a short report.

D) Modelling of geochemical data using programs as e.g. COMAGMAT, MELTS, PETROLOG and PRIMELT.

E) Short project in which students collect literature and/or database geochemical data from an area of their choice, quality evaluation of those data, and use those data together with geochemical modelling to draw conclusions of self-designed questions, as well as to define follow up questions. The result will be presented in a talk and a written report.




ErSE 221