ME 317 Mechanics of Composite Materials and Structures

Introduction and fabrication technologies. Elastic response of composite materials (especially fiber and particulate reinforced materials) from the fabrication to the in-service structure. Up scaling strategies from the microstructure to the single ply: kinematic and static bounds, asymptotic expansion and periodical homogenization. Up scaling strategies from the single ply to the structural scale: elastic deformation of multidirectional laminates (lamination theory, ABD matrix). Mechanics of degradation in composite materials: fiber-matrix debonding, plasticity, micro cracking and induced delamination. Tools for description of non-linear effects: damage mechanics for laminates, applications of fracture mechanics. Aging and fatigue. Basic criteria-based theories will also be reviewed, including first ply failure, splitting and delamination. Basic experimental illustration will include: hand lay up of a simple laminate, characterization using full field measurement of its material properties.




ME 211A, ME 212