PSE 101 Physics and Mechanics II

This course is a continuation of the similarly titled course Physics and Mechanics I. It consists of two components: Physics and Engineering Mechanics. It reviews each of these components.

Physics component:
1. Electromagnetic induction. Faraday’s law. Lenz’ law.
2. Displacement current. Maxwell’s equations.
3. Wave properties of light. Reflection, refraction, polarisation, interference, and diffraction.
4. Introductory quantum mechanics. The photelectric effect; Bohr model of the atom; The Schrödinger equation; Particle in an infinite and finite potential well; Scattering and quantum tunnelling.

Engineering Mechanics component:
1. Planar kinematics of rigid bodies.
2. Planar kinetics of rigid bodies (using equations of motion, and energy and momentum methods).
3. Collisions
4. Rotational dynamics of rigid bodies (using energy, and impulse and momentum methods). Moment of inertia.
5. Fluid statics. Hydrostatics forces.
6. Fluids in rigid body motion.
7. Introduction to fluid dynamics. Bernoullis' equation.
8. Momentum analysis of flow systems.