Division of Computer, Electrical and Mathematical Science and Engineering (CEMSE)

The Computer, Electrical and Mathematical Science and Engineering (CEMSE) division is one of the three divisions of KAUST. Research in the CEMSE division is driven by Faculty research groups and laboratories, university-wide strategic research initiatives, and KAUST research centers, and clusters around four fundamental areas:

  • Electrical engineering: communication networks, integrated circuits, electronic, optical, and photonic devices, sensors, measurement and detection devices, and functional nanomaterials  
  • Mathematical analysis and simulation: modeling and simulations with applications to physical, chemical, biological, and environmental processes, materials science, oil exploration, and reservoir management 
  • Computer science: big data, bioinformatics, visual computing and computational imaging, high-performance extreme-scale computing, resilient computing and cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Statistics and data science: biostatics, environmental statistics including extreme climatic events forecasting and optimization of renewable energy production 

Division Contacts

Gianluca Setti, Dean- gianluca.setti@kaust.edu.sa
Hakan Bagci, Associate Dean- hakan.bagci@kaust.edu.sa 

CEMSE Programs