ERPE 351 Modeling Naturally Fractured Reservoirs

Overview of naturally fractured reservoirs (NFR) and modeling methods. (1) Introduction to NFR: definitions, importance, detection methods, characterization. (2) Single porosity model: multiphase flow, matrix-fracture interaction (diffusion, imbibition, infiltration), gridding, limitations. (3) Dual porosity/dual permeability models: derivations, shape factor, transfer functions and limitations. (4) Discrete fractured models; 2D/3D gridding simplifications. (5) Advanced methods; Finite Element FE, Control-Volume FE, Mixed FE. (6) DFN upscaling: static/dynamic upscaling, single-phase/multi-phase upscaling. (7) Class project. Course programming assignments will require MATLAB, Fortran or C/C++.