ERPE 365 Carbon Capture and Storage

The course includes :

  • Introduction to the course (energy and environment, Paris Agreement), review of current CCS projects
    review of two-phase fluid flow.
  • Entrapment mechanisms in porous media,
  • Structural entrapment
  • Residual entrapment
  • Solubility entrapment
  • CO2-water phase behavior
  • Mineral entrapment in reactive formation
  • Introduction: acid gas treating, sources of CO2 emissions, carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS), CO2 capture technologies, amines for CO2 capture
  • Thermodynamics of CO2-amine-water systems
  • Mass transfer without reaction (physical absorption)
  • Mass transfer with chemical reaction
  • Advanced absorption
  • Advanced regeneration systems
  • Energy criteria for amine selection
  • Design of amine units in natural gas processing
  • General operating problems in amine processes
  • General considerations for amine processes
  • CO2 purification and compression, CO2 transportation (pipe, road, rail, truck, barge, ship), CO2 recycle facilities, CO2 cost analysis
  • Physical solvents processes
  • New technologies and current development
  • Policy, and Legal enablers of CCUS
  • Global status & OGCI activities in CCUS
  • Site visit to the Saudi Aramco CO2-EOR demonstration project
  • Introduction to CO2-EOR, CO2 storage in depleted oil reservoir and CO2-EOR++, CO2 storage in, depleted gas reservoir and challenges
  • Assessment of CO2 storage capacity,
  • Introduction to reservoir simulation
  • CO2-EOR simulation, CO2 storage in deep aquifers, CO2 mineralization in reactive formation, CO2-mineralization with Carbfix technology, CO2-mineralization with supercritical CO2 ,
  • Introduction to reactive flow simulation
  • Final project