B 321 Epigenetics and Chromatin

The major aim of the three-week summer block course is to train participants (min. 6, max. 12) in experimental Cell Biology on the example of Chromatin Biochemistry, Epigenome Structure and Nuclear Organization. To improve students' skills in designing, executing and analyzing experiments, the course combines two principles: theory and practice. Besides covering the fundamental background and theory of Epigenetics and Genome Regulation, participants will learn basal and cutting-edge experimental technologies that are currently used to answer key questions at the frontiers of Epigenetics research. The course is shaped according to international EMBL (European Molecular Biology Laboratories) and MPI (Max Planck Institutes) advanced method courses for M.Sc. and Ph.D. students. Profs. Orlando and Fischle (including their laboratories' staff) will introduce Applied Epigenetics on the basis of dissection of classical and recent experiments. Student participants will carry out several hands-on experiments with step-by-step instructions.




B 241, B 224, 213 (Please note: prerequisites are for M.Sc. students only)