B 327 Introduction to Nanopore Sequencing

This course is an introduction to the emerging technology of DNA sequencing using nanopores. It is composed of lectures on the theory and methods on nanopore sequencing. The topics cover the biochemistry of nanopore sequencing, the sensing of DNA sequence via ionic current measurement, the development of instruments, and molecular biology and bioinformatics techniques for Oxford Nanopore MinION sequencing. The course offers contemporary student-driven lab projects of building a functional nanopore on a lipid layer and performing electrical recording and identifying bacterial species by using the MinION nanopore sequencer.


B 241- Molecular biology and biochemistry. Knowledge in electrical engineering and bioinformatics is preferred but not required. The course is open to PhD students and master students (For master students B 241 or BioE 201 is a prerequisite). The number of students is capped at 8.