PSE PGDip Program

The Post Graduate Diploma (PGDip) is awarded upon successful completion of a minimum of 30 credits with a minimum of 3.0 cumulative GPA. Courses require a minimum of B- for course credit.

Students must complete the PGDip in 2 Semesters and 1 Summer Session. Students are not permitted to change tracks.

PGDip Program Requirements

The PGDip program has the following components:

  • English Courses (6 credits)
  • Core Courses (18 credits)
  • Capstone Project (6 credits)
  • Winter Enrichment Program* (WE 100) (non-credit) 

*Students must successfully complete the Micro-Credential in Python, offered as part of WEP, to receive a Satisfactory (S) grade.

Course Requirements (24 credits)

Semester 1:
ENG 100 Advanced English Language Communication 3
CEMSE 101 Engineering Mathematics 3
PSE 102 Chemistry & Thermodynamics I
PSE 100 Physics & Mechanics I 3
Semester 2:
ENG 101 Critical Writing Discussion & Debate  3
PSE 201 PSE Lab 3
PSE 103 Chemistry & Thermodynamics II
PSE 101 Physics & Mechanics II

Students who fail any of the course requirements will be dismissed from the PGDip Program. Given the sequential nature of the course offering, appeals are not considered. 

*With approval from the Program Chair/Assoc. Dean high performing students (CGPA >3.7) can take MSE 200 as an additional course in Semester 2. 

Students can transfer 200-level credits earned during the PGDip to the KAUST MS degree.

Capstone Project (6 credits)

During the Summer Session all PGDip Students must register for 6 credits of Capstone Project. Students must choose from three topics as follows:

1. Energy and Sustainability
2. Emerging Materials for Future Economies
3. Industrial Leadership

Every student will write a proposal under the approved topic under the guidance of an assigned instructor. Capstone Projects do not involve experimental research. The project's outcome is a short report (5-20 pages) on current achievements, open issues, and perspectives on the chosen subject.